Christmas Tree FAQs

Can I purchase a tree and arrange delivery over the phone? 

To keep it fair to all of our wonderful customers, all tree purchases must be made in person. Once you select your tree from the lot, you will arrange delivery or pickup at the register. Want your tree home right away? We will gladly strap it to the top of your car so you can be on your way to decorate!

Can you put the lights on the tree for me?

We do not pre-light trees. However, we have high quality string lights for sale!

I want to get my tree early this year. Will it last until Christmas? 


Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your Christmas tree will last until Christmas. We advise you to keep your tree outside in the shade for as long as possible, keep the water bowl full, and spray it down with a hose to preserve moisture. These steps will increase the longevity of your tree, especially if you purchase it early in the holiday season.This also applies to wreaths and garlands! If you must keep your tree inside, make sure the tree always has a full bowl of water. Christmas trees will be out for sale the weekend before Thanksgiving.

How long can you hold my tree before I can have it delivered? 


Delivery will be made within 5 or so days of purchase. We are not able to hold tree purchases for later delivery dates.

How long can you hold my tree before I can pick it up?


We have a strict 3 day hold policy after you purchase a tree for pickup.  If your tree is left for longer than 3 days, Perino’s has the right to put the tree back out for purchase and refund the customer at their discretion.

I was supposed to get my tree delivered today, and it is still not here. Where is it?


Deliveries are broken up into AM and PM slots. Our delivery drivers typically deliver to the addresses that are farthest from Perino’s in the morning and then work their way back towards the store in the afternoon. The AM time slot is between 9am and 1pm, and the PM timeslot is between 2pm and 4pm. As always, if you have any questions please email us at and we will be glad to help. 


My tree is not drinking water, what is wrong with it?


Trees may stop actively drinking water after a certain period as they become “full”, but this is no reason for concern! As mentioned above, always keep your tree with a full bowl of water. Trees with heavy flock do not need water. 


Help! My bowl is leaking.


Grab a bag of Soil Moist (complimentary with your tree purchase) and pour out half of the beads into the tree bowl, then fill the bowl with enough water to cover the beads. The beads will absorb the water and puff up into a gel solution so that there is no excess liquid in the bowl - voila! 


How do I preserve my wreaths and garland?


Wreaths and garland perform best in the shade. It is always a good idea to spray them down with a hose to preserve moisture. 

Do you sell Christmas tree stands?


We do not sell Christmas tree stands. Instead, we custom build every stand to hold each individual tree perfectly. 


Can I have a fresh cut on my tree?


Our trees are all given a fresh cut when they are placed on their custom stands. They do not need an additional “fresh cut”.


Are your trees treated with fire retardant?

Plain green trees are not fireproof, but the white paper mache-like flocking on our flocked trees serves as a fire retardant!


Is flock safe for children/pets?


Flock is perfectly safe for children and pets. It is basically paper mache!




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